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Our team is a dynamic and welcoming team of expert forensic and clinical psychologists who work nationwide providing expert witness assessments, training, and consultancy to legal firms and other organisations.
Tully Forensic Psychology was set up in 2012 by Consultant Forensic Psychologist Dr Ruth Tully (BSc(Hons), MSc, DForenPsy, CPsychol, EuroPsy, AFBPsS, CSci, MAE). We expanded from there to involve a small team of specially selected expert forensic and clinical psychologists who provide assessment, training, and consultancy services to solicitor firms and other organisations. We are proud to be based in Nottingham, and we deliver services and take instructions nationwide. Our team members are based throughout the UK, which allows for excellent national coverage, having experts near to most prisons, Courts, and Local Authorities.

We provide independent forensic psychology expert witness services to legal firms and other organisations in relation to a range of clients and circumstances. These include people who may be at risk of committing (or who are alleged to have committed) a criminal offence. Those we assess may be victims of crime or abuse themselves. Examples of expert witness services include assessments for life/indeterminate (IPP) sentence parole purposes, as well as for criminal court, within care proceedings (family court and pre-proceedings, Mental Health Review Tribunals (MHRT/MHT), immigration/deportation tribunals, Local Authority (LA) commissioned assessments, and on behalf of religious and sporting bodies/authorities as part of safeguarding.

Our team provides training to individuals and large services such as the NHS and private service providers. The training and consultancy that we provide covers many areas of forensic and clinical psychology, as well as us offering training that is relevant to areas wider than forensic psychology. Ruth has provided training nationally and internationally to hundreds of professionals in various areas including risk assessment and sexual offending. Between the team, our range of expertise allows to us being able to provide a range of bespoke training.

The practice of all of our psychologists is high quality and evidence based. Importantly we are proud to adhere to the professional codes of conduct and ethics of the British Psychological Society and standards of practice of the Health and Care Professions Council. Our team are all are highly qualified with a wide range of experience and we believe in ethical assessments. We enjoy building positive relationships with those we are working with.

Dr Ruth Tully has a particular interest in prison, court, and other legal services. She is a practicing member of The Academy of Experts and has been awarded the bond Solon/Cardiff University expert witness certificates in criminal, family, and civil law. Ruth was awarded a British Psychological Society award for 'notable contribution to the field' in 2013, and is on the editorial board of a peer reviewed academic journal having herself had many peer-reviewed articles published, as well as her book 'Case Studies in Forensic Psychology: Clinical Assessment and Treatment (Tully & Bamford, Eds, 2019) having been published in 2019. If you take a look at our ‘meet the team’ pages you will be able to see the expertise of some of our individual team members and CVs are provided to solicitors/professionals upon request.

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Dr Ruth Tully specialises in the assessment and treatment of sexual and violent offending. She and her associates are trained and experienced in applying specialist psychological assessment tools that explore risk, personality and functioning. Dr Tully delivers a range of services including psycho-legal (medico-legal) independent forensic psychological assessment reports for use in court (criminal, family, court of protection) and parole proceedings. We also provide consultancy and training in forensic areas.

Dr Tully’s Associate Expert Psychologists add to the wealth of experience that she has personally accrued. Dr Tully is open to media enquiries and has spoken in the news, magazines, documentaries, and newspapers on various topics within her expertise. We look forward to hearing from you and accept referrals from solicitors or organisations.

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