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Press and media

Press and media input

Dr Tully can assist with press and media enquiries and has given live and pre-recorded interviews for TV news, as well as having provided input to newspaper articles, and appeared on-screen in several documentaries. She has provided script, character, and storyline consultation for TV dramas. Dr Tully understands the short notice nature of such requests, and will do all that she can to help.

Please email  enquiries@tullyforensicpsychology.com or call us on 07779 907198. Some of Dr Tully's media work is listed below.

TalkTV live interview, 04.03.2024

Interviewed by Vanessa Feltz in light of the report into the murder of a woman by a serving police officer.

TalkTV live interview 29.02.2024

Interviewed by Vanessa Feltz about the dangers and impact of drink spiking, and why people do this.

TalkTV live interview 26.02.2024

Interviewed by Vanessa Feltz regarding the murder of a woman by a serving police officer.

Channel 4 news interview 06.02.2024

Discussion of difficulties where prisoners are not transferred to psychiatric hospital in a timely manner in light of a recent thematic report on the problems associated with this.

Sky News live interview, 24.01.2024

Discussion of serious violence and mental health, and hospital orders versus prison in light of a recent triple murder case.

Caught on Camera documentary, Season 6, May – June 2023

Discussion, across several episodes, of reasons for violence and offending of various types for documentary series.

Times Radio live interview 17.03.2023

Discussion about allegations of rape and false allegations in light of a recent case.

We Hunt Together Season 2, 2022, Alibi

Provided character and script consultation for season 2 of this crime drama.

Sky Crime documentary series ‘What the killer did next’, Season 2, Winter 2022-2023

On-screen contribution to documentary series regarding cases of murder.

Crime + Investigation documentary series ‘Murdertown’, Season 4, 2022-2023

Discussion of criminal behaviour in the context of several episodes set in different towns.

BBC TV documentary series ‘Expert Witness’, Season 1, 2022

Documentary series for TV on the role of expert witnesses in contributing to criminal investigation and prosecutions.

BBC news online article on public interest in ‘true crime’, July 2022

Contributed to an article about the increase in interest in true crime, especially from women.

BBC3 TV documentary ‘Dating’s Dangerous Secrets’, February 2022

Discussion about the dangers of using dating apps and online methods of meeting a partner.

BBC Radio Ulster, 06.02.2022

Discussion with panel about the purpose of prison, e.g. punishment and rehabilitation.

Documentary ‘SAT1 investigative: new leads in the “Maddie” case’, October 2021, aired January 2022

I provided input on behaviours and motivations related to sexual offending.

ITN productions / Channel 5 documentary, ‘The abduction of Lesley Whittle’, aired 11.10.2021

Commentary on psychological aspects of this non-recent case.

BBC Radio Nottingham, 25.10.2021

Discussion with presenter on the topic of drink spiking and sexual offending.

BBC Radio 5 live, 14.08.2021

Discussion with presenter about ‘incel’ ideology-based mass shooting in Plymouth, UK.

BBC Radio Kent, 17.02.2021

Discussion with presenter and retired police officer about unsolved murders, and why people might admit to offences much later on in their sentence.

BBC radio ‘Talkback’ show, 16.09.2020

Panel discussion regarding serial killing and the ‘Des’ ITV drama of the Dennis Nielson murders.

Times Radio with Mariella Frostrup, 25.08.2020

Expert discussion about serial killing and murder.

Netflix drama series ‘White Lines’, series aired Spring 2020

I consulted on a lead character with a history of trauma and attachment problems, specifically relating to her clinical presentation and therapy.

Channel 5 documentary series, ‘New: Cops, Robbers & Videotape’, aired 22.02.2020

Expert commentary on criminal behaviour.

New Scientist, 14.02.2020

Interviewed to contribute to an article on misuse / inappropriate use of psychological tests in court.

Radio 4 documentary; ‘Crisis inside’, January 2020

Contributed to documentary regarding extremism / terrorism offenders and psychological risk assessment.

Press Association interview, featured in several newspapers, 02.02.2020

Interviewed and contributed to article on treating trauma in prisoners e.g. Evening Express, Belfast Telegraph.

Sky Atlantic commissioned drama series

Yet to air, I consulted on a character with psychopathic traits in 2019/2020, likely to air in 2024.

BBC breakfast, BBC1, 14.04.2019

Live interview on the risks of online dating apps used to facilitate violent and sexual offending.

BBC 5 Live radio, 14.04.2019

Live discussion about dangers of meeting partners and dating online.

BBC Radio Shropshire, 11.03.2019

Discussion about true crime and what it’s like to be a forensic psychologist.

BBC Stoke breakfast show, 07.02.2019

Live interview relating to public interest in true-crime documentary series e.g. Ted Bundy on Netflix.

BBC commissioned drama series, 2018

Yet to air, I consulted on a drama series involving forensic psychologists.

BBC Radio Nottingham, 20.11.2018

Live interview about victims of domestic violence and the support available to them.

BBC Radio Derby breakfast show, 03.11.2018

Live discussion about people who are serving prison sentences for serious offences, yet they may not admit to other serious offences that they have committed, in light of the renewed cold case investigation into the disappearance of Suzy Lamplugh.

BBC Radio 4 Today programme, 02.10.18

Live interview about fathers who kill their children in light of a recent case in the press.

Derbyshire Times (28.09.2018), Ilkeston Advertiser (04.10.2018)

Comments in an article about 'Spice' drug use in prisons and the community.

BBC Radio Nottingham morning show, 20.08.2018

Interviewed live about knife crime.

Channel 5 documentary series Caught on Camera, July 2108 onwards

Expert commentary on criminal behaviour for eight-part documentary series.

Erewash Sound Radio Station, 25.07.2018

Interviewed live on the breakfast show about the risks of meeting people online.

Derby Telegraph, 26.05.2018

Feature article on dangers of victimisation linked to online dating.

BBC Radio Cumbria live interview, 13.03.2018

Interviewed live in relation to 'road rage'/driving aggression.

Sky News live with Kay Burley, 19.02.2018

Discussion of sex offending and motivations in light of two high profile cases of Barry Bennell and Matthew Falder who received prison sentences of over 30 years.

BBC Radio Nottingham, 13.02.2018

Live discussion about forensic psychology as a career, and women in the field.

BBC East Midlands Today, 24.01.2018

Discussion of potential solutions to some of the problems faced by HMP Nottingham.

Sky News live with Kay Burley, 16.01.2018

Live expert interview in relation to a US case involving decades of abuse of children within a family.

BBC Radio London Breakfast programme, 09.01.2018

Discussion of transparency in parole processes and decision making live with Vanessa Feltz.

BBC News Channel, 06.01.2018

Discussion of parole process and release/risk of prisoners in light of a high-profile case in a live interview.

BBC Radio 4 Today programme, 06.01.2018

Discussion of factors influencing parole decisions.

Swipe Right for Murder, REALLY (Sky 155) and UKTV Play app, 7 weekly episodes beginning 16.11.2017

Documentary series featuring murders whereby the victim met the perpetrator online. Each episode details a different case. Expert commentary from a psychological perspective, featuring in all seven episodes. Comments from Episode 1 were featured in several national newspapers in the UK.

Sky News, 10.11.2017

Live expert interview regarding the high volume of cat killings and mutilation in the London area and discussion of whether this could escalate to interpersonal violence.

Real People Magazine, Issue 42, 26.10.2017

Discussion of trauma through violent victimisation and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Discussion of re-traumatisation and triggers for symptoms of PTSD as well as the need for media to be sensitive to victim issues when reporting violent crimes.

The Telegraph, The Guardian and The Daily Mail 25.08.2016

Comments on factors associated with forensic mental health transfers in The Telegraph, The Guardian, and The Daily Mail.

BBC Radio Berkshire breakfast show, 25.08.2016

Breakfast show discussion on mental health and prison.

Sky News, 12.08.2016

Live expert interview discussing prison mental healthcare and forensic psychiatric hospital settings.

Radio 4, 12.08.2016

Live drive-time interview with Eddie Mair discussing forensic mental health care.

BBC Radio Nottingham & BBC Radio Berkshire drive time shows, 12.08.2016

Drive-time discussion of prison and NHS mental health care for offenders and those who have committed serious offences.

Daily Mail, 12.08.2016

Comments related to the move of high-profile patient to prison from high secure hospital.

12.08.2016 Comments on the topic of hospital to prison transfer featured in:

Glasgow Evening Times, Belfast Telegraph, Beverley Guardian, Irish Examiner, Wakefield Express, Halifax Courier, and Bailiwick Press USA.

Sky News, 01.12.2015

Live expert interview discussing prisoners with mental health problems and transfers between prison and secure forensic psychiatric hospital settings.

Breaking news Ireland, 01.12.2015

Interviewed regarding Peter Sutcliffe, the ‘Yorkshire Ripper’. 

BBC News West Midlands, 13.08.2015

Expert speaker on ‘revenge porn’, live interview on 13.08.2015.

Pick Me Up magazine, 06.08.2015

Comments on violence as a means of seeking revenge.

Sky News, 09.04.2015

Expert speaker on sex offender risk assessment, live interview. Interview also featured on the iPad app and on Sky News radio stations across the UK.


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