Dr Tully is an award winning Registered and Chartered Forensic Psychologist who, along side her team of expert forensic and clinical psychologists, offers services nationwide. Dr Tully is considered to be an expert in her field.
At Tully Forensic Psychology Ltd we have a team of Associate Psychologists who deliver excellent quality expert work including the services described below. All associates are HCPC Registered and BPS Chartered Psychologists.

Our forensic psychology reporting services may be provided for prison, criminal court, family court, immigration, or other formal proceedings, or they may be for less formal purposes. Requests for services may come from solicitors, companies or government agencies/bodies. The range of services we offer is broad and we can meet all of your forensic psychology needs. If the services you are looking for are not listed below, please contact us.

For example if an independent psychology report is required for parole then the solicitor may request an estimate for a psychological assessment of risk of reoffending, which may be LAA or privately funded. Make an enquiry by clicking here.

Expert witness assessment services

Examples may include:

  • Forensic Psychologist expert witness assessments for court and prison purposes (medico-legal) e.g. sex offender risk assessment, violence risk assessment such as HCR-20 v3, domestic violence risk assessment e.g. SARA. Please take a look at our dedicated page on assessments.
  • Psychological assessments on behalf of local authorities e.g. for care proceedings and to aid the safe care of children within their placements, e.g. assessment of an adult (parent) or child. This includes risk of harm/risk assessments where a person is at risk of perpetrating harm or where they are at risk of being victimised e.g. by a parent. Assessments may be Court ordered, Local Authority (LA) instructed, or instructed by a solicitor. We undertake jointly instructed assessments.
  • Parole reports, prison psychological assessments for adjudication purposes.
  • Assessment of risk of offenders or alleged offenders (e.g. risk of violence or sexual violence) and those accused of offences.
  • Assessment of cognitive functioning (exploring learning or intellectual disability) and memory deficits e.g. WAIS-IV of adults and children.
  • Formulation of links between mental health or personality and offending risk.
  • Mental Health Review Tribunal (MHRT/MHT) reports.
  • Assessment of risk of reoffending for deportation/immigration cases or appeals, and the likely impact of deportation upon mental health.
  • Formulation of difficulties and problems that may link to risk, including risk of self-harm or suicide.
  • Screening for mental health conditions (such as depression, anxiety, ADHD).
  • Psychological assessment of areas of functioning such as anger, low self-esteem.
  • Assessment may be of personality traits and these can be described in the context of risk and general functioning.
  • Assessment of psychopathy or personality disorder e.g. PCL-R, IPDE.
  • Assessments of risk or learning/mental health needs for youth courts.

Our team have experience in prison, probation, community, and hospital settings with adults and young people. Our team is highly trained in assessments such as SARN, Risk Matrix 2000, RSVP, SARA and HCR-20 v3 to name but a few tools. Dr Tully and her team are experts who will consider each case individually and use tools and assessments based on the needs of the case. Our team are highly experienced in writing parole reports in relation to life or indeterminate sentenced prisoners (IPP/ISPP) and prisoners who have been recalled, as well as being experienced in assessing people in relation to criminal law, immigration/deportation, and care proceedings.

Our psychologists are experienced in delivering training to psychologists as well as to multidisciplinary teams. Click here to view selected publications, which gives an indicator of some of our areas of expertise.

We offer training events for professionals (click here) and we offer bespoke team training to meet your needs. Teaching and training can be offered to teams and groups on subjects including risk assessment, offence-paralleling behaviour, mental health awareness, and working with personality disordered offenders or those with intellectual or learning disabilities. We are regularly commissioned to deliver risk assessment training such as HCR-20v3 and RSVP training to teams in secure psychiatric services. Please take a look at our dedicated website

Child sexual exploitation training can also be provided to relevant services/teams and is an area of emerging importance given the risks associated with not managing such risks effectively.

Our training clients include various NHS trusts including high, medium and low secure services as well as community NHS services, Serco, G4S, HM Prisons and Probation Service (HMPPS), various local authorities, Cygnet Healthcare, Partnerships in Care, Priory Group, private children's residential service providers, psychologists and psychiatrists in private practice, and various solicitor firms.

Bespoke training can be designed to meet the needs of the target group, and can be as interactive or didactic as the client wishes. Please get in touch with details of the nature of your needs by clicking here.

We deliver bespoke consultancy to meet your needs. Examples include risk assessment of sexual offenders, risk management and working with personality disordered or learning disabled clients.

Research consultancy and supervision can be arranged on request.

Bespoke intervention plans can be designed based on the individual needs of the client and implemented according to the treatment plan. Our team are trained and experienced in a range of approaches to treatment e.g. CBT, schema DBT approaches. Please see our therapy and ‘meet the team‘ pages for more information.

Given the complex nature of this type of service, the intervention approach will depend on the needs of the client and the purpose of treatment.

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We provide supervision to a range of professionals including Forensic Psychologist in Training working towards their qualification in Forensic Psychology, and Registered Psychologists working for organisations such as private hospitals and local authorities.

Please contact us to discuss your clinical supervision needs.
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