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Our services come highly recommended. We have worked with a range of organisations and solicitors over the past few years, delivering services such as assessment, training, and consultancy. We have helped progress people ‘stuck’ in the system, who can typically be viewed as difficult to treat or work with, whether this is through identification of appropriate psychological treatment in prison, or progression to a different environment. Below is a small selection of referrer comments:

“Swain and Co specialise in dealing with prisoners stuck in the system, high profile, and complex cases. We instruct psychologists regularly and require forensic psychologists at the forefront of their profession. We have always found Tully Forensic Psychology to be leaders in the world of forensic psychology. The team is lead by Dr Ruth Tully, whom has developed psychological research applicable to prisoners and rehabilitation. The reports are of great assistance to us in arguing that prisoners should move through the system, progress to open conditions, or be released. The team often face very probing questions from The Parole Board and are able to explain and develop the evidence within their reports extremely well. We have found the assessments and reports to be key components in arguing clients’ applications to The Parole Board. They are leaders in the world of forensic psychology.”

Dean Kingham, Head of Prison Law, Public Law and Crime, Swain & Co. Parole Board Lead for the Association of Prison Lawyers (APL)

“I have frequently instructed Dr Tully and her associates over a number of years, and found their service to be responsive, and approachable. Their reports are consistently thorough, objective, and persuasive with The Parole Board, and most importantly for me, the feedback I get from my clients about their interview style and human approach is positive. I would (and do) highly recommend Tully Forensic to colleagues, and will be continuing to use them regularly.”

Anna Whittaker, Consultant Solicitor, Carringtons Solicitors

“The Prison Law Team at GT Stewart have used Tully Forensic Psychology for a number of years. The reports are of an extremely high quality and have been commented on being ‘some of the best’ by The Parole Board. The evidence of a number of psychologists has been second to none, and has secured progression and / or release for a number of prisoners when there has been no support from prison professional witnesses. In our experience, the most outstanding members of the team are Dr Jennifer Bamford, Sally Morris, and Dr Ruth Tully who have stood up to extremely difficult questioning and have provided excellent evidence, reports and general advice in how to progress ‘stuck’ prisoners. All experts are extremely knowledgeable about their specialist areas and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to any professional looking for independent reports / assessments in any form of proceedings.”

Kirsty Rampling, Prison Law Supervisor, GT Stewart Solicitors and Advocates

“I have been acquainted with Dr Tully’s services for a number of years, in her capacity for providing Independent Risk Assessments for detained prisoners.

Each report is prepared individually, and presented in a clear and concise format and delivered to on time. On occasions, I ask for assistance at short notice and Tully Forensic Psychology have always accommodated me.  I have found Tully Forensic Psychology very helpful and professional, and willing to give you the time that is needed to help understand matters or to help identify a route to progress my clients forward.  Dr Tully/ Tully Forensic Psychology has my highest endorsement for her work, including that of her team members. I  have had no hesitation in recommending her to my colleagues within the Legal Profession.”

Collette Blake, Prison Law Supervisor, Wells-Burcombe LLP

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